Ableton Live Mentoring and Studio Time

Record Workz Studios is offering mentorship packages including studio shadowing and one on one coaching with Ableton. Your project also has the chance of being signed on our label after it is completed. This is a great way to get studio time for a reduced price of $20/h from $40/h plus one on one mentoring with our label boss Kevin Humphrey. Our production team uses Ableton live and all sessions will be done in Ableton. All sessions are hosted with our studio partner Northern Haus Studios, an independent recording studio located in the heart of Gastown Vancouver.


Studio Shadowing

Our studio shadowing offering allows an artist to shadow our label boss during the critical stages of music writing, arrangement, sound design, and final mixdown.

This is perfect for artists who are just starting out with production, and who would like to get a sense of workflow development, and how our production process works. You may be just starting a new project, or already working on one and want some insights. Finding a good workflow is often one of the most challenging issues for a new artist.


Since you will be shadowing one of our production team, while they are working on their own project, we cover the studio booking fees. You only pay for the artist’s time.

Sessions start at $80 for 4 hours. Longer sessions can be booked subject to availability.

One on One Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching allows an artist to bring their Ableton project and be the one in the hot seat. This places you in a full-production studio with our mentor, working on your project.

This is perfect for artists who are in the middle of a project but are stuck or want another pair of ears to help them get the track to a commercial level. Especially those who don’t have the proper arrangements or equipment at home. Your track can be at any stage of production, from arrangement to final mixdown.


Since we will be working with you and your project, the studio fee is included at a reduced price plus the mentor’s time. Finished music also has the opportunity to be signed.

Sessions start at $180 for 4 hours. Longer sessions are subject to availability.

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Sessions move quickly and are subject to availability. If you are interested in our mentorship program, please contact us below to find open spots.