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Kevin Humphrey

President & Managing Director

Kevin has been running businesses since he was 18 years of age. Starting out in the financial and technology worlds as a programmer with the goal of blending the two together. He brings a wealth of technical and systems experience, along with a strong track record of bringing people together. Starting in music in 2017, Kevin has built a strong team of industry professionals to help bring the Vancouver electronic music scene together. His tech industry experience offers new ideas and technologies within the music industry. He aims to blend business, music, and tech together, making the space more equitable, sustainable, and simpler. Kevin is extremely focused on providing opportunities to the local electronic music community. Kevin oversees all aspects of our company and helps drive us forward.

Kevin completed the San’yas Indigenous Cultural safety training in 2021.

Contact: [email protected]

Brendan Reeve

Vice President

Brendan, based in Chilliwack, BC, is a beacon of entrepreneurship, ethical business practices, and innovation. His journey into the entrepreneurial world began in high school with a pioneering venture named Plugged In Social Media. This sole proprietorship not only made waves in the digital marketing sphere but also garnered media attention, underscoring Brendan’s early impact on the industry and setting a precedent for his future endeavors.

This foundational experience in high school, marked by a foray into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies alongside Kevin, highlighted Brendan’s early adoption of groundbreaking technologies and his foresight into their potential impact. His academic pursuits in accounting and finance further solidified his expertise, leading to roles in the corporate sector at companies like Kestrel Gold and 1933 Securities Inc.

Concurrently running a consulting firm, Brendan advised entities on strategic financial planning, championing ethical practices and accessibility. His venture into the music industry as the Vice President of Record Workz Studios exemplifies his commitment to applying strategic insights to foster accessibility and maintain ethical standards, driving the label towards success.

Beyond his corporate achievements, Brendan’s role as the Executive Director of FWRD Society reflects his dedication to societal impact, focusing on food waste reduction and sustainability. This non-profit endeavor underscores his commitment to environmental consciousness and community well-being.

Brendan’s journey from running Plugged In Social Media in high school to spearheading initiatives across both corporate and non-profit sectors demonstrates a blend of innovative technology, ethical business practices, and a steadfast commitment to making a difference.

Contact: [email protected]

Advisory Board

Our advisory board members provide critical insight and consultation on business matters and decision-making.

Joel West

Joel West has been on opening support for international touring talent like Mark Broom, Coyu, Spartaque, Layton Giordani, Julia Govor, MSTRKRFT, MAEDON, D-Unity, Dave Angel, Gene Farris, Ardalan, Kevin & Dantiez Saunderson, DJ Heather, and others in venues such as Vantek, Open Studios, MIA, Gorgomish, The Beaumont Studios, The Hifi Club, and more. Joel has played multiple times at Shambhala, Electric Love Festival, Festivus, and FozzyFest. In 2018, Joel played Melkweg in Amsterdam during ADE. Joel has released music on Kneaded Pains, Unity, Coincidence, Space Kraft, No Match, Superfreq, Groundwerk, Kiko, Play, Air Texture, RF, East Van Digital, Nuevadark, Cuete, and Woodwork. Joel is a co-founder of Groundwerk and the label head at Groundwerk Recordings. Joel produces techno and frequently plays his own music in his DJ sets. When not working with music, you can find Joel acting in TV, film, and commercials.

Joel been a mentor and friend of the label since its founding. He has been instrumental in helping to develop our programs and our business. Founding Groundwerk in 2015 Joel has provided an example of how things should be done in our industry. He acts as a guide, mentor and teacher to our executive team. Joel is often consulted on new ideas with feedback being integrated into our business model.

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