Kevin Humphrey

Kevin always has had a very strong connection with music. Enjoying the classic rock of the 80s, Kevin was introduced to electronic music at the age of 16, and fell in love.

Having a Fine Motor disability, and not being able to play string or keyed instruments, it was never possible for Kevin to create music, even though he wanted to his whole life. With new technology, this was made possible.

After moving to Vancouver, and frequenting Vancouver’s local Techno and Tech house clubs for almost three years, he decided to take the plunge himself.

Kevin’s unique approach to production combines aspects of music production, cinematography, and 3D modeling together. Creating an entirely immersive entertainment experience. Heavily inspired by local artists Derrick Vnuck, Jared Love, Joel west, and Vridian Music, Kevin likes to blend aspects of Acid Techno, Deep Melodic Techno, and Minimal forming his own sound.

Past shows:

Riverside 2021, Independent Artist’s Market.

Played with:

K.A.S.H, Truant, Bryn Liedl, Aly Abji, Amandeep.


Groundwerk 51.

Remixed by:

Joel West.

Photos: Mood.Berlin, Rya Faith Photography