Track of the Week – Joel West – Decentralize

Joel West is back with a trippy, hypnotic banger. His new track is called Decentralize and is out now on Space Kraft Recordings. Joining alongside DREIAN, Manu Neves, Zoodiak, Dario Mrc, Oisin, Lucus White, Marcel Nowotnik, and Rangel Coelho, everyone has really outdone themselves on this release.

Joel West Is a local Vancouver Techno producer and DJ with more than 20 years in the industry. Joel has released music on a plethora of labels, including Vancouvers East Van Digital, Record Workz Studios, Kneaded Pains, and many more.

Decentralize captivates you with thick rolling bass and a punchy-driven kick. As you get further into the track, the low-end creates a dance with a funky distorted synth. Layering in constantly changing percussion creates uncertainty and keeps things interesting. The hypnotic play between the different elements really grabs your attention as you try and process what you are hearing. This is definitely a track that will rock any after-hours dance floor.

This track is now out on Beatport and can be purchased here.

This track has also been added to the Record Workz Radio Techno show, you can listen here.

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