Submit Your Music

Record Workz Radio is built on community music submissions, we want to play your music. Please make sure to read all the following guidelines before making your submission. Please note that submission does not guarantee a play.

  • We accept released original electronic music from the creating artist or artists. We can not accept unreleased music due to copyright reasons.
  • Music must stick to a professional level of production and must contain electronic components.
  • Please send .wav or .aiff files and include a .txt file with metadata and a cover photo.
  • Please keep files under 100 MB where possible.
  • Make sure all tracks are registered with the respective performance rights organizations, such as BMI, SOCAN, etc.
  • We can accept up to 4 tracks a month per artist.
  • Tracks must be named as “Artist Name-Track Name-Mix name”
  • Tracks with no metadata included will be rejected.
  • Please upload tracks to Dropbox, Google Drive, or another file-sharing service.

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