Record Workz Studios Signs Time Geometry

Time Geometry sitting on stairs.

New Westminster, 03/11/2023 Canadian Independent record label and entertainment company Record Workz Studios Inc. announced today it has signed two Techno tracks with Time Geometry.

Time Geometry is a producer, DJ, and audio engineer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their love for the driving rhythms of Techno and the euphoric melodies of Trance inspired them to pursue production in those genres after meeting a mentor at a local DJ academy. Applying knowledge and experience from education in classical and contemporary music as well as playing in bands, Time Geometry strives to create music that takes listeners on a trip through their restless and imaginative mind.

“Record Workz Studios Inc. is extremely excited to be on-boarding its first artist of 2023” said Kevin Humphrey, President and Managing Director, Record Workz Studios Inc. “We want to welcome Time Geometry with open arms to the Record Workz family and are exited to see what the future holds.”

Record Workz Studios Inc. has signed and will be releasing 2 tracks over the next coming months on all platforms, including Record Workz Radio. Sign up to our mailing list and follow our Instagram for updates.

Artist Page: Time Geometry

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