Record Works Radio gets SOCAN licensed

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New Westminster, 03/01/2023 – Independent record label and entertainment company Record Workz Studios Inc. announced Record Workz Radio has become licensed under SOCAN tariff 22.F..

Record Workz Radio is now closer to broadcasting its first radio show and contributing to broadcasting access within the local British Columbia electronic music scene.

Having this license will allow Record Workz Radio to broadcast commercial music online, ensuring that artists get paid and Canadian music is properly represented.

With this licensing, Record Workz Radio is setting a tentative launch date of April 1st, 2023. If anything changes regarding needing to extend this, updates will be posted.

Record Workz Studios Inc. wants to thank all the community members who have come forward to offer guidance and support, we are nothing without our community.

For licensing information, please contact Kevin Humphrey here.

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