100% Carbon Neutral by 2023

For immediate release:

As part of our long term environmental commitment Record Workz Studios Inc. is committing to being 100% Carbon Neutral by the end of 2023.

We are able to do this in a number of ways, and the timeline is as follows:

  1. Through Bullfrog Power, we are able to power all of our facilities through 100 percent renewable sources. We do this by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits through Bullfrog Power, to match our energy usage. Bullfrog then puts a matching amount of 100 percent renewable energy onto the grid. This offsets the usage from our hosting infrastructure, rendering infrastructure, offices, and pretty much everything using electricity within our business.
  2. Less, will then take care of any other emissions that are not covered directly through Bullfrog power. This includes things such as tour flights, travel etc. Less sells carbon offsets that invest directly into carbon removal projects, waste water treatment, bio gas collection and other environmental projects.
  3. Patch.io is an exciting new company in which we are looking to work with on a number of projects. Offering investment with direct carbon removal, this is something we are most interested in. Patch may be able to allow us to create some exciting and groundbreaking new products, that are 100 percent carbon neutral.

Through these strategic partnerships we will will able to run our business 100% carbon neutral by 2023. Becoming carbon negative through direct investment in carbon removal technology, is the ultimate goal.

These projects will become the forefront of our ESG corporate investment strategy.

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